scientific advisory group


  • To provide technical advice to the Myrtle Rust Transition Management Group (MRTMG) on specific scientific issues as referred to it by the MRTMG.
  • To assist in developing techniques and strategies that minimise the impact of Myrtle Rust and to support the Myrtle Rust Transition to Management (MRT2M) Program.

What is not covered

The SAG will not be required to provide advice on:

  • Policy issues
  • Program financial matters.

Terms of Reference

The following general Terms of Reference will apply:

  • To provide technical advice on issues referred to the SAG by the MRTMG, including technical review of MRT2M Program performance.
  • To provide advice on technical aspects, timeframes, and the practicality of projects.
  • To advise as to whether or not the proposed deliverables are practical and capable of adoption.
  • To provide advice on the effective delivery of research results to stakeholders.
  • To assist in the development of, or provide comment on, review triggers for the MRT2M Program.