Nursery freedom, treatment and inspection for Myrtle Rust (Quarantine Domestic)

  • Describes the requirements for nursery freedom, treatment and inspection that apply to live plants of the Myrtaceae family for freedom of Myrtle Rust under an Interstate Certification Assurance arrangement.
    Queensland | New South Wales Victoria

Research papers

Screening Corymbia populations for resistance to Puccinia psidii
GS Pegg, JT Brawner and DJ Leea. Plant Pathology (2013) Doi: 10.1111/ppa.12097

Puccinia psidii in Queensland, Australia: disease symptoms, distribution and impact
GS Pegga, FR Giblin, AR McTaggart GP Guymer, H. Taylor, KB Ireland, RG Shivas and S Perry. Plant Pathology (2013) Doi: 10.1111/ppa.12173

Final reports to Department of Agriculture

Genome sequencing of myrtle rust, Puccinia psidii sensu lato
Mui-Keng Tan, Damian Collins, Zhiliang Chen, Anna Englezou and Marc Wilkins. NSW Department of Primary Industries

A brief overview of the size and composition of the myrtle rust genome and its taxonomic status
Mui-Keng Tan, Damian Collins, Zhiliang Chen, Anna Englezou & Marc R. Wilkins. Mycology Volume 5, Issue 2, April 2014, pages 52-63. Published online: 29 May 2014

Uredo rangelii life-cycle
Louise Morin. CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences

Genetic basis of pathogenicity in Uredo rangelii
Karanjeet S Sandhu and Robert F Park. The University of Sydney, Plant Breeding Institute

Gathering efficacy data to indentify the most effective chemicals for controlling myrtle rust (Uredo rangelii)
Martin Horwood, Angus Carnegie and Robert Park. University of Sydney, Plant Breeding Institute

Molecular tagging of rust resistance genes in eucalypts
Bala Thumma, Geoff Pegg, Paul Warburton, Jeremy Brawner, Paul Macdonell, Xiaohui Yang and Simon Southerton. CSIRO Plant Industry

Executive summaries are available for the following reports:

(Final reports will be posted when they are available.)

Comparative genomics of Puccinia psidii (submitted for publication)
Morag Glen, Patricia da Silva Machado, Caroline Mohammed and Acelino Alfenas. Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, University of Tasmania

Phylogenetic position of Puccinia psidii within the Pucciniales (submitted for publication)
Edward CY Liew, Wolfgang Maier and Marlien van der Merwe. Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust

Discovery of genetic markers for resistance to infection by Uredo rangelii in species of Myrtaceae (other than members of the tribe Eucalyptaea) (submitted for publication)
Carsten Kulheim, Sarah Hsieh, Karanjeet Sandu and William J Foley. Australian National University